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This works and rats retreat somewhere. He creates a tale of inhumanity and unspeakable horror and the only redeeming themes of his book are the recurring ideas of comradeship in the face of death and nature's beauty in the face of bleak hopelessness.

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Man's Inhumanity to Man Paul and his friends become so inured to death and horror all around them that the inhumanity and atrocities of war become part of everyday life. Remarque tied his individual experience to something much larger and more abstract: the novel, while focusing specifically on the German-French conflict in World War I, expresses sentiments about the contemporary nature of war itself. The night lives, I live. Anyway, his harsh drills turned the former schoolboys into much tougher and durable people. Patriotic speeches of Kantorek led Paul and his schoolmates to volunteering. He is only eighteen at his arrival at the frontline and the following two years had changed him drastically. Back then the water was fragrant, the wind melodious; these memories of nature cause a powerful calmness and awaken a remembrance of what was — but sadly, will never be again. And even if these scenes of our youth were given back to us we would hardly know what to do. The summer of starts and Paul is keenly aware of his life: there are rumors about the end of war. By the end all he can think of is survival. A new attack begins. Remarque witnessed two world wars and the interbellum period, so almost everything he wrote was written from life, including playing the organ in the church of mental institution, selling textiles and carving tombstones. This naturally leads to the mentioning of Himmelstoss. At last, he goes to barracks to visit his old friend, Milttelstaedt, and, to his amusement, finds Kantorek in militia troops. Whether it be this war or any war since, the agony of the fighters is echoed in Paul's words in Chapter 10, as he gazes around the hospital: And this is only one hospital, one single station; there are hundreds of thousands in Germany, hundreds of thousands in France, hundreds of thousands in Russia.

Now there is nothing but to wait and hope to survive. The enemy attack is repulsed and just as Paul is going to leave and join to his comrades, a body falls on him. The patriotic myths of the older generation become apparent when Paul goes home.

This novel, told from the point of view of Paul Baumer, a German soldier on the Western front during WWI explores the grim reality soldiers faced on a daily basis and demonstrates the tremendous toll the war took on the mental and physical conditions of soldiers fighting on both sides of the war.

As technological advancements incorporated more effective guns, tanks and even aircraft into the war more substantial losses were faced on both sides of the front.

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For more information see our Cookie Policy. It was a time when they had developed the only good thing that war ever gave them — a brotherhood.

Between the beginning of the war and rumors of the armistice, every young man in the group is killed, except for Paul.

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Critical Book Review: All Quiet on the Western Front