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Through Tom's assault, Fitzgerald not only demonstrates more about Tom and his callousness toward humanity, but also suggests a hidden side to the Jazz Age. All this changes, however, when Tom brutally reminds her of her place in his life. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the novel. Some may argue that looking at this chapter's homoeroticism is pointless; if the author had wanted to focus on it, he would have made it more pronounced in the text. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, The idealism evident in Gatsby's constant aspirations helps define what Fitzgerald saw as the basis for the American Character. The six people spend the afternoon in a haze of drunkenness. Nevertheless, Gatsby had to perform several immoral and corrupt duties in order to reach the top of the ladder. Boston, MA: G. The Language of Time in the Great Gatsby. Tom himself alludes to the irreversibility of time by his rambling about the earth becoming hotter or colder and how this will lead to the destruction of human kind Vince n. The rumors about Gatsby circulate from one side of the earth to the other.

Smith, Jack. Pendleton, Thomas A.

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Characters of the richer class who live in East Egg have a noticeable lack of a godly presence in their time in the novel, primary subjects being Daisy and Tom Buchanan.

The McKees, for instance, are trying desperately to be accepted by the upper class, but are really shallow, dull people. The rumors created by Gatsby and embellished by the public are so superior, unique, and powerful that they turn the character Gatsby into a God.

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We as humans have defined time, but we did not create it. Eckleburg look over a vast decaying wasteland known as The Valley of Ashes. The faceless eyes hover over all that goes on in the book — a book decidedly void of traditional spirituality.

Adding to that, Kilpspringeris a timeless character himself.

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The valley of ashes is home of certain characters of immorality such as Myrtle Wilson, the woman who cheats on her husband with Tom Buchanan. After a few attempts at social niceties showing that Myrtle, despite being trapped in a dead-end lifestyle, aspires in some sense to refinement and proprietyNick and Tom leave, with the understanding that Myrtle will soon join them to travel into the city to the apartment that Tom keeps for just such purposes.

Although Gatsby remains fully committed to his aspirations up until his death, he struggles with the reality of when those aspirations for his American Dream are either achieved or, in Gatsby's case, proven inaccessible.

It's a wild time — people, particularly the trendy people, are eager to break established boundaries. The six people spend the afternoon in a haze of drunkenness. This is achieved by three means: time, love, and death. It was a time where it became more common to fight the traditional living aspects and grown bolder with the arising of flappers and constant threat of prohibition. Myrtle is the only vivacious creature in "the valley. Tom is a decidedly unpleasant man, held in check by very few rules. However, Jay Gatsby managed to live the American Dream and work his way up to the top of society. Chapter five addresses the reconnection between Gatsby and Daisy for the first time in almost five years.
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