An analysis of the kashmir crisis

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Many Indian media outlets are reporting from Kashmir and showing calm, including on Indian Independence Day. The advancement of U.

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But it will perhaps irrevocably damage Delhi's relations with the residents of Kashmir, stoking militant violence in a region long known as a jihadist hotspot. This post represents the views of the authors and not those of USIP. The possibility of direct Indian intervention in Azad Kashmir or subversion inside Pakistan cannot be ruled out. While dengue fever had declined globally between and , this year has seen a sharp increase in cases. South Asia is one of the poorest and fastest-growing regions on Earth. In terms of the situation now, the Indian government took unprecedented security measures along with the announcement. Or it can choose to cease such support and focus on its internal economic problems. A Maldives. But, the question remains, why now? From Pakistan's perspective the Indian action constitutes a grave violation of the U. These demarches will be complicated by the ongoing need to also support a peace process in Afghanistan, which Pakistan rightly perceives gives them leverage over the U. Politicians in Mr Modi's ruling BJP party argue that Kashmir's special status has made it difficult to integrate the region with the rest of the country and has therefore held back development. India aims to stabilize Jammu and Kashmir. But its countries are also mired in corruption and struggle with press freedom.

The government claims these steps were needed to protect human life and prevent anything like the violence that claimed dozens of lives in Question of the Week Last week, in a bid to encourage tourism, one South Asian country announced a plan to waive the visa fee for travelers from 48 countries.

New Delhi made this move in an effort to stabilize Jammu and Kashmir and integrate it more fully with the Indian state. The Indian decision will adversely impact people-to-people contacts and trade relations between the two countries.

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An analysis of the kashmir crisis

India fears that this could lead to history repeating itself. On the Pakistani side, condemnation of India's presence in Kashmir and its abuses against residents is an emotive cross-party issue.

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Pakistan fears India could stage a false flag in either Jammu and Kashmir or mainland India and blame it on Pakistan in order to divert attention from the volatile situation in Kashmir. Intensifying violence in Indian-occupied Kashmir poses serious challenges for Pakistan and the region. Olson : As the U.

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Why Modi’s Kashmir Move Could Spark More Conflict