An analysis of the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Stan replies he only seen them together once, but they looked happy and in love. They both try to tell her it was a mistake and a one-time thing. There, on a desolate beach, he encounters manic extrovert Clementine Kruczynski Kate Winslet. Out of sheer desperation he resorts to the only logical solution at the time, removing her from his memory as well.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind ending explained

There he wanders off on his out and this is when he comes across Clementine. Though Joel is very nervous and unsure about walking out onto the frozen river, Clementine runs and slides past him. Joel shifts to a childhood memory where he is forced to hit a dead bird with a hammer by other kids. Shrugging it off as nothing he starts up another entry about his ex-girlfriend Naomi. A sweeter, gentler Defending Your Life. Page 34 — Joel is in his car at a drive-in movie theatre, crying, fogging up the windows. There, on a desolate beach, he encounters manic extrovert Clementine Kruczynski Kate Winslet. He walks from the restaurant to the bookstore to try and get a look at Patrick but is unable to see his face.

There are no unexpected twists or sudden revelations about Joel and Clementine, just a wistful backward view of love's decay. They soon get into an argument causing Clementine to grab a few things and leave.

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The two make a late night trip to visit the frozen Charles River. Or maybe, they share a tiny ounce of mutual hope.

The journey has been erased and therefore, they choose to re-experience it. The thematic elements of the film helps this simplistic story of love found, lost, and found again develop into a complex pattern, much like the workings of the brain.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind analysis scene by scene

Christopher Orr is a senior editor and film critic at The Atlantic. Suddenly Joel finds himself standing in the room and watches himself in the chair. Pick a favorite movie which has its script available online and let me know. Joel and Clementine are having dinner, the chat is very stale. As John Malkovich, playing director F. At this point, the outing becomes more than just a part of a romantic date, but also a new experience for Joel. Page 66—68 — Joel shifts to one of his favorite memories. New York: Routledge, By Christopher Grau. Page — — Stan returns to the Lacuna building where he sees Mary carrying a box of her belongings to her car, she is leaving Lacuna. The use of techniques and the way the film is produced is the reason why it is so memorable.

Stan does and soon enough Mierzwiak is on his way, Stan tries to get Mary to leave, but she wants to remain there. Upon dying, souls travel to a way station where kindly bureaucrats help each one choose the favorite memory he will carry with him into eternity.

He returns to his own place where Naomi calls. New York: Routledge, These are admirably big themes.

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Both Joel and Clementine talk about their true thoughts and feelings that day as the memory plays on. Another scene in the movie is the fight between Clementine and Joel. I am looking for volunteers to read a script and provide a scene-by-scene breakdown for it to be used as part of our weekly series. Human beings not only to love without expectation, but he likes rather according to what the other could bring against expectations and its goals. Joel tells Clementine that a guy stole her panties. Patrick says exactly what Joel said to her in the letter, this time Clementine cries, gets up, and runs. Patrick interrupts the session mid-way through by accidentally dropping some files on the floor. Paranoid, he rushes to the window and spots the van, he tries to see who is in it, but gives up. A relationship between a young child and his mother is very crucial in the development of the child. She represents his will to hold on and he does so through what he knows of her spontaneous personality. Inside he meets Mary, who takes him to see Mierzwiak. By doing this, we consciously explore the structure of the narrative. She continues on, Joel gets out of the car and pursues her down a street on foot, but once he gets to the end he returned to where he started, back at his own car. The ups and down of life apply everywhere. Movies often portray memories and dream states with a hyperreal vividness, made up of garish colors or stark black and white , absurdist landscapes, and, yes, sometimes even dwarves.
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Analysis