An analysis of the romantic poets wordsworth shelly and keats

Shelley uses the wind in his poem as a spirit, and concentrates on the aspect that the wind causes death or darkness.

Compare and contrast keats and shelley as romantic poets

Throughout his poetry, we see a pantheistic refrain: God inheres in the natural world around us. The novel: from the Gothic novel to Austen and Scott The death of Tobias Smollett in brought an end to the first great period of novel writing in English. He sees the Autumn season of a time of aging, and of a "dying year. Soon, he went to study in Cambridge University. Keats was also excellent in using figures of speech. Whereas nature may receive the most emphasis in Wordsworth's poetry, the imagination is central to Coleridge's. The consumption deprived him of his lovely brother, and he was struck by the illness too. God is in nature. During his study in Oxford, he participated in the progressive activities and published an anti - religious pamphlet The Necessity of Atheism. Although all of them turn their eyes to nature, they choose drastically different aspects of nature to write about. That said, I'll give you some basics. His first thought is to reach the bird's state through alcohol--in the second stanza, he longs for a "draught of vintage" to transport him out of himself.

John Keatsby contrast, was a poet so sensuous and physically specific that his early work, such as Endymioncould produce an over-luxuriant, cloying effect.

He became a wealthy man.

Romantic poetry comparisons

Personal reactions to nature and insights gained from nature are paramount. This was followed in by the more substantial Records of Woman. Thomas Love Peacock is another witty novelist who combined an intimate knowledge of Romantic ideas with a satirical attitude toward them, though in comic debates rather than conventional narratives. Breathtakingly simple and with only eight lines, the poem nonetheless conveys compelling emotion. Here the three differences involve the symbol, the figure of speech and language. Soon he found himself bored by it and then he gave it up and turned to poetry writing. His speech, in contrast to Wordswoth's, is exotic and imaginative. The symbol is a lyric way in which human, abstract feelings are being concretized. He took some of the formal language out of poetry and replaced it with simple, concrete words. Scott combines a capacity for comic social observation with a Romantic sense of landscape and an epic grandeur, enlarging the scope of the novel in ways that equip it to become the dominant literary form of the later 19th century. Wordsworth believed that the content of poetry should be close to common life filtered through the poet, s imagination. Abrams wrote, "The Romantic period was eminently an age obsessed with fact of violent change". Nevertheless, in this paper, we will chiefly focus on the differences in theme, subject matter and craftsmanship embodied in the poetic works of these major romantic poets.

His descriptions of the arctic regions are almost photographic. Both his reputation and his mental health collapsed in the late s. His superb letters show the full range of the intelligence at work in his poetry. Shelley is addressing the bird that excites his interest more directly, while Keats turns to reverie because of the song of the nightingale more than the nightingale itself.

Coleridge, in contrast, emphasized the imagination. In spite of its simplicity, it always conveys the profound truth. At ten, he inherited the lordship by the death of his great uncle.

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Comparing Wordsworth and Keats’ Romantic Poetry. Essay