An introduction to the effects of race on sentencing in capital punishment cases

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In the campaign to reduce his punishment from execution to life in prison, the Inc. In Mississippi, in , Sabrina Butler was sentenced to death for killing her baby boy. Several factors seen in the above sample of cases help explain why the judicial system cannot guarantee that justice will never miscarry: overzealous prosecution, mistaken or perjured testimony, race, faulty police work, coerced confessions, the defendant's previous criminal record, inept and under-resourced defense counsel, seemingly conclusive circumstantial evidence, and community pressure for a conviction, among others. In cases in which the defendant was black and the victim was white, Briley used 96 out of his jury challenges against African-Americans. These erroneous convictions have occurred in virtually every jurisdiction from one end of the nation to the other. The defects in death-penalty laws, conceded by the Supreme Court in the early s, have not been appreciably altered by the shift from unrestrained discretion to "guided discretion. Justice is never advanced in the taking of a human life. He said no and was included in the jury that sentenced Fults to death. There simply was no reliable evidence that the children were murdered. The truth is that death statutes approved by the Court "do not effectively restrict the discretion of juries by any real standards, and they never will. Groups of murder victims family members have supported campaigns for abolition of the death penalty in Illinois, Connecticut, Montana and Maryland most recently. Buck was condemned to death by a jury that had been told by an expert psychologist that he was more likely to be dangerous because he was African American. Disturbingly, and increasingly, a large body of evidence from the modern era shows that innocent people are often convicted of crimes — including capital crimes — and that some have been executed. Politicians who preach the desirability of executions as a method of crime control deceive the public and mask their own failure to identify and confront the true causes of crime. Failure of Safeguards The demonstrated inequities in the actual administration of capital punishment should tip the balance against it in the judgment of fair-minded and impartial observers.

Young black men are fifteen times as likely to be murdered as young white men. The stench of burning flesh was nauseating. Capital punishment has been a useless weapon in the so-called "war on drugs.

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A considerable time between the imposition of the death sentence and the actual execution is unavoidable, given the procedural safeguards required by the courts in capital cases. In the court ordered a directed verdict of acquittal, and sharply criticized the police for their unprofessional handling of the case.

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In other words, White respondents are more empathic to White individuals, and Black respondents are more empathic to Black individuals, because they can identify with them more easily see, e. This information is constantly updated and altered as new cognitive and emotional empathy details emerge.

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This recoding revealed that Buck has not yet received the new sentencing hearing justice requires. On technical grounds her conviction was reversed in Between andmen were executed for rape, of whom — 90 percent — were black.

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Race and the Death Penalty