Armenians and armenia specific purpose

This peaceful coexistence, though, met a swift end in with the beginning of a systematic slaughter and deportation of Armenians, who at the time were living throughout Turkey and parts of Russia.

However, it is important to note that many Islamic religious leaders protested the deportation and execution of the Armenians, and later testified on behalf of the persecuted minority during war crime trials.

armenian genocide why

This in its turn seemingly led to approaching the issue as a problem of ethnic conflict. The Armenians still living there had made every attempt to obtain permission to have the building restored, but since it was in a military zone, the demolition was carried out.

I have examined the list one by one, to determine which of these are museums or have an exhibition on the Holocaust. Several other voices, too, have called for a reinvigoration of historical research in order to find ways to enable the public area of memory to be nourished by the results and discoveries of that research.

So it is that the Armenians, whether they like it or not, are expected to explain to the citizens of the countries that have received them, why and how they have come to be in their countries. The Armenian people were forged in the fire of genocide, but have passed that test and prevailed with flying colors.

How did the armenian genocide come to an end

An extreme evil suddenly hits mankind, nourished by ideologies, fanaticisms and the manipulation of religion as an instrument. A number of scholars from Armenia and Russia have worked on this issue. Lastly, many Turkish officials were witnesses as participants in the Armenian Genocide. Even before the return of Patriarch Zaven, still in exile in Mosul, an Armenian directorate had been formed. The volumes of complaints recorded by the Armenian Patriarchate between and list some 7, cases of spoliation of lands in thirty-two departments sancak. In comparison, the propagation scope of a museum is considerably higher than that of a monument. The new provisions thus provided that complaints with regard to these assets could be considered within four months after publication of the law for Turkish residents and within six months for persons residing abroad. In the year , there were approximately 1.

Hartunian, Abraham H. I Constantinople: Armenian Patriarchate,p. By stimulating Turkish national pride rebuilt upon the memory of good, we could create the conditions for opening a dialogue between the two peoples.

This and the Moment of Silence 18 rendered state-wide importance to the ceremony of commemoration of the martyrs of the Mets Yeghern. They are suffering.

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What Were the Main Causes of the Armenian Genocide?