Buddhism vs hinduism comparison essay

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The woman must always have a free hand. Another point is that both religions focus on peace, and non violence towards all living things. India was a mother of many religions, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism. He was provided with a number of palaces and around 40, dancing girls. However, Buddhism focuses more on the individual development then the society. There are many groups behind the generation and expansion of Hinduism. Buddha obtained enlightenment through meditation whereas the general concept prevalent among Hindus is that an individual can attain God through meditation. Harming others is wrong but if the war will cause undo suffering to others, then violent acts are justifiable. Both of the religions have a faith on the deceptive power of the nature. The following will be what Hinduism is, the rules and elements, and their way of life. Among these religions, Buddhism and Hinduism are one of the two most influential religions with a philosophical element in them. The religions are ruled by the laws of Karma which is applicable to every being. Buddhists do not worship any deity. This includes the captivating culture, the myths and the stories from the past which is present in their Holy Scriptures.

Buddhism is known for its Middle Path that which neither promotes extreme asceticism nor absolute hedonism yet still leads to nirvana. Hindus inculcate this idea in the human mind, that the passions are not supposed to be suppressed but intelligently fulfilled.

Hinduism and buddhism comparison and contrast

Hindus appreciated and were attracted by the stress on intricate worship, which in turn turned others away from Hinduism. Buddhism was founded by Gautama the Buddha. E, by Siddhartha Gautama. Harming others is wrong but if the war will cause undo suffering to others, then violent acts are justifiable. Buddhism on the other hand has a definite founder, Siddhartha Gautama who is otherwise known as the Buddha or Enlightened One who lived from to B. These two religions are alike in many ways, and are tied together by Asia, where they have deep roots in its culture and history. In Buddhism, one must understand the four noble truths which are the truth of suffering, the truth of the origin of suffering, the truth of cessation, and the truth of the path. Buddhism focuses on the individual spiritual development. Following these steps and pleasing all these gods ensures ones ticket to achieving Nirvana. If he remained with the world he would end as the Universal King of India, it conqueror but if he forsook the world, he would eventually become a world redeemer. While it is safe to say that many people would be surprised that there are different concepts to yoga than just stretching and different positions; there are undoubtedly exhausting amounts of specific details and ideas in Hinduism and Buddhism that people are misinformed about Firstly, Hinduism is the major religion in India and Nepal. Buddha encourages his believers to reach to the end of suffering whereas Hindus lay greater emphasis upon the enjoyment and bliss of life. The idea of compassion and non-violence is entertained by the two religions.

Most Hindu gods are associated with animals and therefore Hindus feel that being a vegetarian is vital. Both religions believe that during life nonviolence is essential to reaching Nirvana.

Buddhism vs hinduism comparison essay

Both of these religions arose in South Asia, thus they share similar culture and philosophy; however, they also contrast greatly with each other in many other aspects. All efforts were put forward to keep him away from the ugliness of life but despite these efforts he came in contact with the truth of old age, poverty and death which eventually ended the glitters of the worldly pleasures. Buddhism and Hinduism also believe in various spiritual practices such as meditation, concentration, and states of mind. Moreover, Hindus deem the four stages of life i. Hinduism and Buddhism are widely practiced and one of the two most influential religions of the world. Hindus worship several Gods each accredited to a certain value. Buddhism produced more workable and fairer views in terms of metaphysics and institutional requirements for individuals than Hinduism. Namely the belief in karma and how a person should behave in their various lives to escape the constant suffering accompanied with death and rebirth. Hindus believe in reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul and the concept of successive rebirths until one dwells in Brahman forever after the quest for the realization of truth. If a woman commits adultery, she must be burned to death and all property a couple may acquire belongs to the male.

The ultimate goal is to achieve Nirvana. Some doctrines which are help important for the Hindus are not valued much by the Buddhists and vice versa. Both religions originate from South Asia and are similar in their basic beliefs and practices; though they differ in many aspects.

It is located near the river indus. Although, similar in intentions each system carries unique attributes.

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Hindus have many gods governing different aspects of Hindu life.

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