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And the quantity they need precludes them from doing it all. Some people just got it. His classic book The Ultimate Marketing Plan promises low-cost ideas and high-profit results. He understands their needs. So hit the button below to be taken to my quick survey. But so do bad writers. Spending ad money without a good marketing plan is about as sure a thing as playing the horses at the racetrack. Which driver had a fight with his wife the night before. Is your fast track to a profitable business. The Wisest Business Investment: Studies prove time and again that investing in a professionally trained copywriter is the best way to get your profits rolling. Pictures of an island paradise might spark initial desire, while shots of a cruise ship will put a finer point on the new longing. Go, go GO! When you work with me you get a proven framework that has been validated time and time again. Go Number 6! According to Kennedy, the customer has five mental steps to take between first contact and completing the sale.

Having a stable of certified copywriters who understand the info-marketing business is a terrific shortcut. Finally, a special, a limited time offer, or perhaps a coupon or room upgrade, will help to get the deal done today rather than.

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I dare you to write me! Because I have to feel passionate about your product or service. I actually have customers writing me and asking me who wrote my website. That means your sales letter will contain all the million dollar secrets of the elite.

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In the end the good ones make you a hell of a lot more. He knows the clients. We have seen the increase in sales and we love the new look and feel of our website. Even the best bet can throw a shoe and end up costing you money. Then a grueling butcher-job takes place, the copywriter is demotivated while no longer committing his best efforts, and you — the client — is poorly served. I dare you to write me! Dan Kennedy helped build this industry. Video Sales Letters: One of the most effective ways to get people to see your entire sales message. You can't tell from the picture, but this was taken during one of the most exciting moments of the conference - the fire alarm went off accidentally and no one could figure out how to turn it off for ten minutes! He developed his copywriter certification course in conjunction with AWAI, in order to help remedy a perceived shortage of copywriters equipped to handle the unique demands of info-marketing clients. The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study in preparation for such copywriting. Cheers, Green Ink Copywriting P.

Almost as if on cue, it happened right after Dan had remarked on the absence so far of technical glitches! Landing Pages: Build your email list with simple, streamlined landing pages and irresistible lead magnets.

Go Number 6! Will definitely hire him again.

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Is your fast track to a profitable business. So this is like getting 2 completely fresh pieces of copy. But losing in business is no fun at all. Copy that paints a picture of all the fun to be had as well as the tremendous value of the package, backed by proof user testimonials and pictures both work great , will serve to convince your prospect that his money will be well spent. Good writers cost money. Helps you focus on results. Copywriter AND Consultant: When you work with me you get to plunder my treasure trove of Internet marketing experience. Rapid Reply Times: You know how you stick your hand in front of a pissed off cat to see how fast he is? Pictures of an island paradise might spark initial desire, while shots of a cruise ship will put a finer point on the new longing. But I know I have a winner on my hands so ill keep ramping. The Ultimate Marketing Plan walks you through the 14 steps Kennedy considers necessary to build a bulletproof marketing plan that can help you to explode your business.
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