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The more time they are allowed to explore the materials and experiment with how to use them--without end-product expectations, the more comfortable and agile they will become with them! Let them use these materials at Interest Learning Centers like the Writing table or make laminated menus for the Dramatic Play centeradd writing across your curriculum!

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Then use a sharp object to draw a letter on the flattened area. Make it fun!

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Instead of using glitter glue, though, students use inexpensive pony beads found at any craft store to follow the lines. Pre-plan the materials that you will have available at this interest center for the day or week. Pre-reading is the step before actual reading. In order for the fine motor movements needed for handwriting to develop, a child needs to have a solid base of support, which means strong gross motor skills and movements. This center can be a part of your classroom Library or, as in our classroom, a separate interest center all together! You could also save this picture or writing with your dictation in a portfolio to help with assessment later in the year. Playdough Just playing with playdough is great for building strength in hands. For this activity, kids can roll small balls of dough into long snakes and form letters by bending and joining the snakes together. You could use newspaper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, or regular paper. He was so proud when he did it! Print the child's name on the name tag. Beads Just like the one above, this activity builds fine motor skills that your young students need to begin writing.

Updated Q-tip painting Practice the pincer grip by painting with a q-tip. What is pre-writing?

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To read more on this subject, I recommend reading this article on teaching handwriting written by my OT blogging friend. The preparation is all in the pre-planning. It is a communication center! Nothing is more important than having fun! I do NOT recommend or support worksheets or 'ditto' sheets for letter and name practice. Cotton swabs and paint This is a fun activity to help kids work on their fine motor skills and get the hang of the all-important pencil grip. The children love to see their own picture and will begin to recognize not only their own name in print, but that of their friends as well. Pre-writing and pre-reading workshops should be present in your daily daycare setup on a permanent basis. I provide fun, colorful pages that have straight lines, zig-zag lines, circles, etc. Changing the supplies or materials everyday does not give your preschoolers enough time to openly explore and experiment with the items you've added.

Put their creative energy to good work with these free printable letter cards.

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