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But every so often, it converges and coalesces to meet another favourite of the Meghalayan people: Elections the past two Assembly elections saw polling percentage in the high 80s. For example, The October 20 governorship election in Ondo State has come and gone.

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Though the quadrennial presidential election attracts the most attention, the United States has a huge number of elected offices and there is wide variation between different states, counties, and municipalities on which offices are elected and under what procedures.

Whatever message to be set into music must have common objectives of attracting positive reaction and which will work with the people for the upliftment and good of the citizenry information must be of relevance to the genuine, development and also involve social participation.

Olusegun Mimiko, who eventually won the election. The situation in the capital is no exception as it too saw such violence. Enugu: New Generation Books.

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The provincial Electoral College would then elect by secret ballots the specific number of members to represent the province at the Regional Assembly. Behold our party Eyin te segbe yin jatijati Those of you rubbishing your party.

This educational present and past political leaders were exposed to also account for role which was the ease at which some politicians are able to make direct references largely led by the to biblical texts in presenting or making a case during political Historic Churches campaigns.

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Candidates are often recruited by political parties and lobby groups interested in electing like-minded politicians. Others are predicated on class, religion, language and ethnic groupings. Song texts are indicators of culture rich in insights into concepts, value systems, societal norms and behaviours. Hence, Political Parties model 4. This is an irony considering the do or die election campaign slogan or chant that he choruses during the general elections. But the memories it left in terms of the role played by artistes for the candidate of each of the three main political parties — Labour Party, Action Congress of Nigeria and the Peoples Democratic Party — will remain fresh in the mind of the voters and the state as a whole. The song text is a very powerful tool and when employed tactfully contributes inestimably to the general well-being of individuals.

The political impact of the elections was therefore restricted to Lagos and Calabar with the participation of a minute circle of elites.

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