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Forecast models indicated the threat. Also check — Essay on Natural Calamities At the end of the day, natural disasters like hurricane Florence tests our resilience and strength. This is unfortunately a tragic but triumphant story of my family. One of the biggest issues in hurricanes is not knowing if your loved ones are safe.

Reports were made that during Georges, citizens were stealing items from the dome and damaged much of the Superdome which cost the city thousands. The Great Galveston Hurricane has been the subject of numerous articles, novels, plays, and poems, as well as four major nonfiction studies Longshore.

Media braved the conditions and kept others updated about the developments in worst affected areas.

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We identify four key takeaways from Odisha. Before a storm Long before a warning is issued, coastal residents should make evacuation plans.

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In Hurricane Georges and Ivan, supplies and planning were not evident.

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How to Survive a Hurricane: Hurricane Safety Tips