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Little wonder that our history is filled with stories of mermaids, myths and legends. I walk to run small errands around the corner.

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The landscape and sights are breathtaking. The cover photograph was taken by Brad Fuller, whose only other album credit appears to be a Dorothy Parker spoken word album but presumably he led a full and rich life outside of the music business. The album artwork, although it mostly adheres to the prevailing artistic idiom of the times, gives the listener some hints as to the deeper meaning sought by its author; those of peace, love and the harmony found in nature. The back cover also features a windswept Fuller photo of Ahbez but the feel is very different, dreamy and oceanic, with a blue duotone image of him sitting on a rugged seashore, looking every inch the mystic leader of his island of Eden. With special thanks to Peter and Jeff for keeping drinks flowing and Flic for her wonderful photos, not easy in the sunny evening light. This was my second visit to The Eternal City, and fourth trip to Italy. I walk to and from my car, which is usually parked several blocks away from my house. I have a little proposal for you: the next time you make plans to have dinner with someone, or coffee, or lunch, or brunch, suggest taking a walk afterwards.

California, and Monterey County, nearby our city of San Francisco, is especially famous for them in the United States. On my way home, I ran into Kristin Scott Thomas, tiny and beautiful even hidden behind a giant pair of sunglasses, holding the hand of a young boy who I imagine was her son.

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Add the crushed chili and sliced artichokes, stirring to coat them with oil. The wealth of history and culture is fascinating beyond words.

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I love this. My starter dish was the main inspiration for this recipe post. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Soon, my cutting board, apron, and white t-shirt were all smudged black. First you snap off all the tough leaves — careful not to prick yourself, artichokes have thorns — and throw them away. I remember the glasses of milk I gulped down afterwards, cool and honeyed. A few months later gentle waves ripple across the sand at nearby Camber. On the walk back to my apartment, I got three gorgeous globe artichokes. Now, take a small spoon and dig at the fuzzy thistle in the center of the halved artichoke. And is that a praying mantis on his shoulder? Scrape it all out, using a bit of firm pressure. A quiet time of contemplation.

The art and architecture are worth crossing the globe to experience. It adds a freshness that I like to compare to Spring.

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Heat three tablespoons of olive oil in a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. Beatnik poetry! The little baby ones, though not as impressive looking as their larger kin, are nevertheless tasty, and perfectly amenable to a good skillet and a little oil.

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Meaning, talking to myself, alone in my car. I think, if I should ever write a book, I will just fly from place to place and ride the train back and forth, just so the ideas keep coming. And then I settled down to cook some artichokes. I am rooted but I flow - Virginia Woolf As an island nation, we have a strong connection with the sea. It adds a freshness that I like to compare to Spring. After getting back to Berlin, I got the ingredients together for a meal to honor my prized artichokes from Rome. Unlike their protective outer siblings, this hidden layer is supple and edible. Slice them finely. A feature-length documentary about Eden Ahbez is scheduled for Quickly, drop it into a bowl of acidulated water, where it will bob as you finish preparing the others. I decided to keep it really simple. I packed them carefully into my backpack for the flight back to Berlin. In a mostly futile effort to maintain the color, I usually rub more lemon over all the cut surfaces.
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Moving Forward: Pan Fried Baby Artichokes with Mint and Lemon