How to capture a brides special moment

All the months of preparation will culminate in a ceremony that will be over within what seems like a flash. It was an overwhelming feeling that all those guests were there for us, and it felt amazing to see everyone so happy for us.

He was never pushy or intrusive during the wedding or reception, but he captured every moment I could have asked for.

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Having witnessed so many vows, first kisses, dances, and bites of cake, we knew there had to be a few moments that stood out as wedding photographers' favorite moments to both watch and photograph.

Any good photographer must remain vigilant not miss that shot.

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Emmanuel was absolutely amazing. The wedding also had a festival theme and lasted three whole days.

Special wedding moments

He is genuine and caring. Advertisement Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro. And Halton would be with the guys while they are hanging out and doing what guys do. We were thrilled! He photographed our event from start to finish. He was definitely more than worth the money we spent. This is great because, who can really choose only a handful of pictures from their wedding.

Megan truly cares about her couples and capturing all the beautiful moments of their special day! Making my parents proud By AH.

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Emmanuel really became a part of our family that day. We enjoyed working with him, he took time to get to know us and what we wanted on our special day and he over delivered on our expectations. It was so true and so nice. The aisle photos capture the first time the groom and guests see your dress and behold your full beauty.

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10 Wedding Photos Guaranteed To Bring A Tear To Your Eye