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Swimmers have to be prepared to do multiple laps without getting too winded. Although you may not see dancers in helmets tackling each other, they are certainly athletes. USA Today reported that some football players have said they practice on average about When asking this question one receives quite an ambiguous answer. Dance can be seen from two very different spectrums: an art and a sport. Similarly, dancers have to condition themselves to dance for long periods of time. You may have observed some dancers performing intense movements such as turns, leaps, or kicks maybe even the occasional split, too. Many people believe that dance is a "cute" activity that is "fun" but shouldn't be taken seriously Along with involving physical exertion, dancing requires skill. Commonly they are used in movie films, video. In this argument, it is important to distinguish what type of dancing is being discussed, as there are many different types of varying levels of difficulty The Dance Debate: Is it a Sport? Hamstring, quad, and other types of leg injuries are common in the dance community, so dancers will often do leg stretches to warm up before doing high-intensity work. Now, there is a new activity, it uses music to take that and use a few time, also known as ballroom dance.

Dance will always be seen as an art, but if people recognized how much it takes for a ballerina to be perfect on stage, they would completely change their mindset. Where the agreement usually ends, however, is on the question whether cheerleading is a sport or not.

It 's not like playing football or tennis - dance has no sponsors, it 's just for the beauty.

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Both dancers and athletes train almost everyday and either compete or go to games to win. Dance is more than just a sport, yet not purely Essay on Is Dance a Sport? With the many genres of dance to choose from, each involve athleticism one way or another. Dance is also a bodily way to express yourself meaning that it is an art. For instance — ankle-strengthening exercises are good for dancers since they generally need strong or stable ankles in order to do certain movements. Cheerleading is a physical activity where a team develops complex stunts, tumbling passes, dances, and jumps and competes against other teams. Essay on Dance Should Be Considered A Sport - Dance Should Be Considered a Sport Dancing is popular around clubs, school dances, or any place that has music, but professional dance is far more than just wiggling legs and moving arms. There are many advantages to dancing, however there are also some disadvantages It 's not like playing football or tennis - dance has no sponsors, it 's just for the beauty. Many people have various opinions on why they do not think dancing is a sport. Sports play a major role in entertainment all across the world.

This paper will prove that dancing is and can be accounted as a competitive sport. It is a form of expression and can even be considered a way of non verbal communication. Dancers compete everywhere and anywhere in a variety of different styles, including ballroom.

Dancing and sports are fun activities that have been practiced for centuries around the world. Dance can be seen from two very different spectrums: an art and a sport. But whatever you consider dance, all types had a beginning someplace, probably back in the time of the earliest humans.

When you really take a look and see how many things football and dance have in common, you will see that dance truly is a sport. In addition, there are many dancing styles: from ballroom, traditional jazz, and professional performance to modern, and hip hop.

In all likelihood, a great deal of times.

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There are certain exercises dancers can do to prepare themselves for times when they will be dancing non-stop like performances or competitionsbut the best way is through constant practice and rehearsal.

The amount of passion and dedication dancers have leads to countless hours at the studio every week.

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The great debate: is dance a sport?