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We were taught that our role was to listen, empathise, and so forth, but never to offer advice, or our own opinions; students coming to us should be supported in whatever way they wanted, on the basis that their autonomous decisions would be the best ones for them.

Recruitment continued until data saturation, which meant that analysis of the newest data provided no new information and that there was a distinct sense of redundancy in the interview text Morse and Field, All eight informants reported having seen at least one Chinese therapist in Canada in the past.

directive meaning

Sure enough, by the trackside, there was a sign: Do not cross while white light is showing. Non-directive mentoring and coaching A non-directive approach allows the recipient to formulate their own solutions and actions as a result of skilled listening and questioning from the mentor or coach.

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Similar to attending behaviors, these techniques are not intended to direct or lead clients. Flyers were also posted at university counseling centers, libraries, and community centers.

The touchstone of validity is my own experience.

Directive meaning

Likewise, if she is inclining towards the right choice, to refuse the idea of abortion, why should one outlaw the counsellor affirming that choice which a strictly Non-Directive philosophy would certainly condemn? For instance, Burleson and Mortenson found that Chinese participants valued comforting messages with a low level of person centeredness more than did Americans and perceived escape and dismiss coping behaviors more positively than did Americans. Originating in a therapeutic setting, the approach was also found to be effective in much broader areas, helping people to resolve difficult issues and accomplish desired change. Data Collection and Analysis Recruitment took place in a major Canadian city. When potential informants who fitted the recruitment criteria were willing to participate in the study, an appropriate meeting time and a private meeting space were determined. In that case, non-directionality went out of the window, and we were allowed both to break confidentiality and to call the police if someone was on the phone threatening imminent suicide, for example and also to put ourselves on the line - as desperately caring that the individual should stay alive. They were then provided with further details of the study. In turn, results from this study will inform current multicultural counseling theories and practices. Jeanne Marisa Gabriele, 2 Psychosocial Genetic Counseling Institutional developments also promoted and reflected the ascendancy of nondirective counseling. Coulson also thinks that Rogers attributed successes to his approach that were in fact attributable to Rogers' own personal skills as a therapist. The only exception to that policy was a student who was contemplating or threatening suicide. A few informants were contacted via e-mail for clarifications regarding their interview material after the second interview. This approach arises from the work of Carl Rogers, an extremely gifted and humane therapist who worked in the United States from the s to his death in No specific type of therapeutic approach was introduced by the authors in the interviews.
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