Proper and improper ways to rule a nation in the prince by niccolo machiavelli

Also, a prince who acquires a new state with the aid of its inhabitants must judge their motives- whether they helped because of their natural affection for the prince or because of their hatred for the former ruler.

However, Machiavelli urges any prince of ambition to imitate the actions of Borgia because his life shows how to utilize one's abilities to attain success.

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And even afterwards, when fighting amongst themselves, each of the parties were able to keep for themselves portions of those countries, according to the authority which they had acquired there; and the line of their sovereigns being extinguished, the inhabitants recognized no other authority but that of the Romans.

Giovanni therefore omitted no courtesies due to his nephew, and caused the citizens of Fermo to give him an honorable reception, as well as lodgings in their houses for himself and all his retinue.

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Mixed principalities are new territories that are added to an existing territory. Known to have acted impetuously in his military decisions, Machiavelli suggests that Pope Julius's successes were largely due to his impetuousness. King Ferdinand is said to preach peace and faith but his actions clearly betray his words. Chapter 5 Power Politics 3: For a conquered territory that was used to living under freedom, i. For Machiavelli, a prince who brings peace and stability through his cruelty should be considered kinder than a leader who brings destruction upon his state because of his misplaced kindness. A wise prince, therefore, will steadily pursue such a course that the citizens of his state will always and under all circumstances feel the need of his authority, and will therefore always prove faithful to him. A prince should not hesitate in using force or going to war.

His main argument in attempting to demonstrate his standpoint calls on the institution of the Church which should be based on morality. Machiavelli in Hell.

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Savaronola: The Dominican friar who held power over Florence before the takeover by the Republican government that Machiavelli served under. Mandragola is considered one of the best plays of the Renaissance.

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But the prince must ultimately decide all things for himself and not be indecisive. His political philosophy in 'The Prince' acknowledges the best leaders to command both fear and love. No matter what he may do, or what precautions he may take, if he does not separate and disperse the inhabitants, they will on the first occasion invoke the name of liberty and the memory of their Edition: current; Page: [18] ancient institutions, as was done by Pisa after having been held over a hundred years in subjection by the Florentines. And if the partition of Lombardy with the Venetians was excusable because it enabled him to gain a foothold in Italy, that of Naples with the Spaniard deserves censure, as it cannot be excused on the ground of necessity. In a practical sense, a prince cannot be generous all the time. This refers to acquiring new territories which need to be assimilated; in this sense, the prince must be able to perform several tasks at the same time. As a young boy, Machiavelli showed great interest in the works of ancient Latin writers, such as Dante, Livy, and Cicero. And whoever becomes master of a city that has been accustomed to liberty, and does not destroy it, must himself expect to be ruined by it.
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The kinds of principalities and the means by which they are acquired