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I know what my job is and it's very simple: supply you with the best rolling paper ever made.

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Although Raw isn't specifically marketed for cannabis, after scrolling through his social media pages, you get the wink and nod. He started speaking to the cows in jest, and a baby cow and its mother starting mooing. He was 5 years old, walking around his native Manhattan with his father, who smoked rolled cigarettes.

He quit eating meat.

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As he pulled it out of the water, its red scales shimmered in the sun. His Phoenix company employs 2, workers, with offices in the U. The move was a highly personal one for him, based on his own lifestyle.

Kesselman's papers are light brown in color and considered vegan because they don't contain dye some dye is made with lactose and the gum line is a plant-based adhesive some papers still use animal-based gum.

To this day, the brand's popularity owes a lot to Kesselman's over-the-top public personality. Bythe business was clocking in new accounts each week. He continued eating fish.

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