Standardization in international marketing strategy is

Despite the critique of the adaption-approach supporter, that country market cannot be treated as the same, Schuh demonstrates empirical evidence for a successful standardization strategy of western companies in Central Eastern Europe.

adaptation in international marketing

Issn: Online Access: www. Google Scholar Marcus, Claude Cincinnati, Ohio: Southwestern Publishing Co. The Zou, ; Jain ; Theodosiou and Leonidou, extent to which a company should adapt or and firms should adapt or standardize the standardize is still debatable.

advantages and disadvantages of standardization in international marketing

Columbia Journal of World strategies for expatriates can be completely Business,22, standardized because of the low psychic distance. Increased globalization of world businesses contributes to more similarities among international marketplaces.

global standardization strategy international business

It including cultural difference, political and can mean the standard marketing strategies and legal situation, customer characteristics, economic programs globally e.

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Standardization Marketing Strategy