The life and career of sir wilfrid laurier of canada

These encouraging developments were inadvertently assisted by an occurrence in the far northwest. The couple lived at Arthabaskaville until they moved to Ottawa in His choice was inspired by the widespread free-trade sentiment in the party, which gathered around the tireless Cartwright and was central to the continentalist thinking beloved of many Canadians.

Here again, Laurier struck a chord that was deeply moving. He won in the end, but he realized that the South African War had introduced imperialism into Canadian politics. If he failed to adapt his liberalism as progressive Liberals would have wished, he kept his troops united until at leastand relentlessly attacked the government's failure to address problems such as the rising cost of living.

Later he joined the law offices of one of the leading Rouge politicians and contributed a number of articles to radical newspapers, one of which he edited for a few months in the mids.

wilfrid laurier biography

He adopted a similar approach to relations with Britain. Inhe resigned his provincial seat and ran for election to the House of Commons of Canada.

He did not believe that such an all-encompassing federation was feasible. Laurier's arrival in the prime minister's office was like a breath of fresh air.

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The Political Life of Sir Wilfrid Laurier