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If the growth rate for such investment exceeds the average rate at which environmental problems develop, people will be better off in the future if they do not spend on mitigation now.

The high levels of destruction visited on Europe led to a sharp decline in the influence wielded by the great powers.

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In short, the debates are not only about the workings of human and environmental systems, but also about political and economic interests, conflicting values and faiths, differing assumptions about the future, and different judgments about resiliency in the face of the unexpected. The East German population had been excluded and their attempt to revolt against the Russian occupation was quickly suppressed Wheal et al, Enormous reparations from the occupied Germany were to be paid not by money or goods but through transfer of capital goods for instance the dismantled manufacturing plants Reid, The establishment of Israel was in response to the holocaust. But the war changed the United States in two important ways: the country's military was turned into a large-scale fighting force with the intense experience of modern war, a force that was clearly equal to that of the old Great Powers; and the balance of economic power began to shift from the drained nations of Europe to America. Congress to allocate billions of dollars to aid in the reconstruction efforts in Europe. In most of the Great Powers, it was hard to find anyone who had not lost someone to the war. Austria was once more separated from Germany and divided into four occupation zones as well. Free course French Revolution 7. It is wise to mitigate against potentially irretrievable losses. Any answer demands so many qualifications that the question may be best answered in broad terms. In this paper, I will tackle three main consequences of the Second World War namely Social, political and economic consequences. This is clearly the case for nonhuman organisms, such as tree species that can adjust to climatic change by migrating, as seedlings move to more favorable locations.

Economic arguments do not encompass some environmental goods. Equipments had been removed from manufacturing plants and the production of reduced by up to 6, tons by the year But the underlying causes of the war are not from a single military offensive, rather from the cumulative effects brought by economic depression experienced by the world during the 'sand due to the peace treaties of the First World War.

For example, boilers no longer explode on trains because they no longer use steam engines; horses are no longer the main polluters of urban streets.

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Bringing down the birth rate in India to two children per couple in rather than in can make a difference of million people by the time the Indian population stabilizes Meadows, When U. This rationing eventually left many Americans frustrated.

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Political consequences The League of Nations having failed to effectively stop the war, a new international alliance was considered in and later created. By the time it becomes clear that a response is needed, it may be too late to prevent catastrophe if the change is proceeding rapidly. Equipments had been removed from manufacturing plants and the production of reduced by up to 6,, tons by the year Even if catastrophe is unlikely, mitigation that slows the rate of change makes it more likely that adjustments can be made in time. The Berlin wall was eventually brought down in It may be more costly to act now. The Russian authorities however, dispute the occurrence of this event. They launched a series of invasions and conquests to serve their program of expansionism and the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity sphere campaign. Research on Conflict Studies of environmental and technological conflict are a significant part of social research on conflict e.
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The Consequences of World War I