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Word of JFK's assassination touches off pandemonium--and emotional repression; Bobby is openly, wholesomely mourned.

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She, Saunders soon learned, actually chauffeured Joe Kennedy; he would be Mrs. Vintage buyers should be aware that tears such as these are easy to miss, especially when buying on the basis of scans.

Saunders was a year-old Navy vet running a parking lot in Boston's sleazy Combat Zone and running a numbers book on the side when one of his customers, a Joe Kennedy crony, offered him the chauffeuring job--for Saunders, an extra-enticing prospect JFK had just been inaugurated because of a police crackdown on bookmakers.

The main issue in repairing lace fabric is seeing the damage accurately. A mysterious nun spends her days in a convent crying over something that happened to her many years ago, when she was a young woman.

Always ask specifically about flaws in lacework before purchase. Kennedy said she couldn't afford to keep him after her husband died.

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In preparing this entry on how to restore the lace sleeve of a vintage dress, I wanted some backup, so I did a search on the subject. What kind of an answer is that? Saunders is pretty brutal, too, on his rejection of her during his long incapacitation. Arms and shoulders of lace dresses are especially prone to tears. Why hedge with "probably", since it is absolutely comprehensive in its lack of helpful advice? Why even bother? Another shock was the Kennedy cars: a superannuated Cadillac his ; a Valiant hers ; a Rambler station wagon; and a big Lincoln convertible--belonging to Kennedy niece Ann Gargan. Then, using fine black thread, I bridged the gaps in the net with a series of loose stitches roughly imitating a spider's web rather than a straight line of them, which would have resulted in a visible scar. On both scores, Saunders expresses resentment--at the same time he's talking about being an orphan and the Kennedys being his ""only family"" and reveling in all the drinking he did, the wild parties he gave, etc. Always ask specifically about flaws in lacework before purchase.

The tube, slipped into the sleeve, made a workable mount to pin the lace to. Instrumental in introducing French naturalism and Russian spiritual realism into Spanish literature, she published twenty novels, twenty-one novellas, two cookbooks, seven plays, nearly six hundred short stories, and hundreds of essays.

Joan is the nicest and the prettiest before Chappaquiddick, ""I never saw her with a drink in her hand"" ; the Kennedy kids, squabbling over who was best Kennedys, of course; but a Lawford or a Shriver? Why hedge with "probably", since it is absolutely comprehensive in its lack of helpful advice?

But no matter what, I'll take care getting out of it once the party is over.

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Torn Lace Curtain by Frank Saunders