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Once the prayer had been written, the stylus was left behind, in a place of collection, perhaps eventually to be recycled. With this in mind, I decided to access a Slovenian dictionary.

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Since Latin was known, scholars loved to try to "hear" Latin-like sentences in the Venetic inscriptions.

With it, they put their language onto objects of ceramic, stone, and bronze and no doubt many other materials that have since decomposed primarily during the period between BC and BC when the Venetic cities were at their peak, and ancient Greek historians described them as a wealthy civilization of "50 cities" who were also the agents for northern amber being distributed into Mediterranean markets.

Once established and successful the Venetic cities would have drawn surrounding peoples into their midst, but preserved the northern language as the general language of the region.

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Because the use of the horse for crossing mountain trails, as well as other uses, Venetic archeology shows much reverence to the horse. The fact that some Venetic words seemed close to Latin helped to solidify the belief Venetic was an early Latin. Even English — which did not exist back then — can give us donate and ego We can imagine the absurd sentence we would get from that. Finally the Venedi of the trade routes connecting the Baltic to both Black Sea and Adriatic Sea assimilated into the Slavic peoples who were their major customers. Just be sure that you've always got enough cash in your account to cover the bill. You'll pay out of the same account, but you'll do it electronically. We have to revise the meaning of. For example, you could write your Social Security Number on this line when paying the IRS, or an account number for utility payments. It is not enough to find dona.

The greatest shortcoming of the body of Venetic inscriptions so far uncovered is that there are no examples of inscriptions with an accompanying translation in a known ancient language.

The fact that some Venetic words seemed close to Latin helped to solidify the belief Venetic was an early Latin. But is it valid to simply assume untranslatable leftover pieces were proper names?

Example round inscribed strone left at bottoms of tombs at Pernumia Getting away from funerary inscriptions which are sad we can look now at sentences surrounding relief images on pedestals. In this case the game was one of finding Latin-like words in the Venetic, and then turning the rest into proper names and then manipulating it all to form a coherent concept.

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How to Write A Check: Fill Out A Check