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Use the secrets and passions you discover to add another point of conflict within the cast. So you will need to choose a path to offer the reader from one of your other four books.

There will be at minimum four more alternate endings using random picks to become Book 6, 7, 8, and 9.

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The Hobbit is the same set up of the whimsical world created by the author. A woman runs in screaming. Sixth to tenth read through - I read the story through to the end by using random picks and noting them as I use them. A separation would follow, with a second set of adventures leading to a final reunion. Hmmm… A. Your hidden picks will likely add several more books to this total. Bedford-Jones , and J. Rider Haggard An incredible quest of an undiscovered mine of King Solomon into unexplored parts of Africa. In adventure stories, the risk changes and often escalates during the story and in response to the character's actions. Perhaps the first political thriller, and a perfect adventure novel. Henry B. Reissued by Penguin Classics. Gide was among those few French writers of the early 20th century who took inspiration from pulp fiction, as a rebuke to the earnestness of highbrow European fiction. But there is another way.

Choosing what color shirt to wear to school is not interesting or exciting. If BOTH things do not happen, you almost certainly don't have a working adventure story.

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Good luck and have fun. Whose readers know what kind of monster the protagonists seek before they do. Your first conflict point is always at the end of Chapter 1. Source Even television commercials are using the Pick-A-Path method for advertising products as seen in the following video.

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Your dilemmas and chapter breaks are called jump points. Fifth read through - I read the story through to the end by reversing the order of picks in my Fourth read through.

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Standout thrillers need complexity and webs of conflict, so that every page hums with tension. You can add more to the number of pages or word count, but those are the parameters I use to produce a —page book.

This book casually mocks different aspects, religion, science and politics with the use of satire.

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The 5 C's of Writing a Great Thriller Novel