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School Picnic to Water Park On the day of the picnic unlike every other day we reported to the school earlier than our regular timings, due to excitement, obviously!

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My father managed to snap some photos while we were playing happily in the water.

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When we met them, they were playing Frisbee. As we were tired after so much action, we decided to sit back at the cabana and enjoy watching others in the pools. To end our tour, there was a series of folk dances and music where all the kids had prepared something of their own for the entertainment of the audiences. It was real fun. The Western Ghat outing was a lifetime experience with the Neelakurinjis. We left the waterfall at about six in the evening. In the evening, we had bonfire at the picnic site and under the starlit sky, the picnic concluded as we entered our respective camps.

The admirable crichton As father rented tubes for me and my sister, we decided to take a leisurely float on tubes on the lazy river before having large pepperoni pizzas and fried chicken for lunch from the picnic gazebo. From that day onwards, I have always wanted to be a doctor.

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My mother had prepared lots of delicacies such as sandwiches, fried rice and some pastries.

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